Raw USA Census Database

This database is taken from the US Census of 2013.

This dataset is already anonymized by the US Census Bureau through sampling, aggregation, and other means. It contains 120 columns and represents 250K individuals.

Column definitions can be found via this page: https://usa.ipums.org/usa-action/variables/group. We added a per-row identifier as the unique user ID (uid). Each uid represents one individual.

The data can be explored via SQL client at https://db001.gda-score.org/. Server ‘PostgreSQL’, database ‘raw_census’, table ‘persons’.

Other databases

The GDA Score project offers a number of real databases that can be used to test and measure anonymization methods.

Raw Czech Banking Data

This dataset contains a set of banking transactions and other data from a Czech bank.

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K-anonymized location data

This table holds the K-anonymized data for the trip time and location columns of the taxi dataset.

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Pseudonymization, with K-anonymity

These pseudonymized tables are generated by applying K-anonymity to columns that contain Personally Identifying Information (PII).

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