Utility Measure: Coverage

The coverage utility measure determines the extent to which data is effectively no longer available because of anonymization. For instance, if an anonymization method deletes a column of data, then that data is no longer available and the coverage score is reduced as a result. The tool is implemented in the python code gdaUtility.py, found in the repo https://github.com/gda-score/utility. The same tool also provides a simple measure of accuracy.

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Other software tools

Tools for generating GDA Scores may be found on the GitHub repository https://github.com/gda-score.

Generate Utility Summary Graph

This tool generates a summary utility graph from the utility score.

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Inference Attack: Simple List Contents

This tool runs an attack based on simply requesting the database contents and checking for inference.

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GDA Score Attack Library

A python class for managing all phases of an attack and computing the resulting GDA defense score.

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